What The Moose?


N: Let’s just put some words down and we can wordsmith it later, K?

Before we begin, let’s meet the cast;

Meet S (See Tina Fey); Kind of like a cat (but we don’t talk about those). Has Monica Geller hair. Went to Science Camp (and Band Camp). Likes math and super-heros, mildly funny,  need I say more?

Meet N (See Amy Poehler); Allergic to everything (even you). Highschool cheerleader (nbd). Computer programmer, geography teacher, I’m still Jenny from the block (are you?), really funny. Scared of the wind.



It’s like, when you make a joke – just not with words, with the tone of your voice. Also funny because Tone Loc, 80’s rapper (S: Was he a rapper? N: Yea, like the first one).